How do Biker Women Attract the Guy They Like

In a relationship, girls are known for being the more vulnerable party, however, guys, dominant. But in the world of biker dating sites, regardless of the gender, every rider of Harley Davidson bike enjoys the motorcycle riding lifestyle while riding on the giant two wheeled machine. Being strong and independent, motorcycle women prefer to take initiative and to be dominant than gazing desperately at their motorcycle men. Biker girls are good at act on what they think to catch the eye of the guy they like. But aside from persistence and will, for biker girls there is still a lot to learn to maximize the chance of successfully pursuing the biker guy they fancy. One of the most famous Harley dating sites now offers women motorcycle rider 3 efficient ways to attract the eye of their special man motorcycle rider.

First, be open and approachable. I understand biker chicks want to play hard to get in order to look cool in front of their biker dudes. But when it comes to a motorcycle dude who is barely aware of the existence of the motorcycle chick, acting like indifferent will only let you end up going home alone again. Let your male Harley rider be aware of your intention by dressing sexy and eye-catching, creating a few eye contact if possible and simply letting your male Harley rider know that you are interested.

Secondly, without even bothering mentioning, you probably know the most essential part is attracting the attention of your crush. Let your crush at least know you exist. You can either be introduced with mutual friends of yours, create some surprising rendezvous or get bold enough to ask his number. Try to do this in a natural way because your chance of success might be reduced if your biker guy is already knows the attention of biker chick. One of the most useful trick is make small talks. Whether your motorcycle guy is your classmate or colleague, you can always talk about related topic with him, which doesn’t necessarily have to make a lot of sense, but after then your Harley guy will know that you are a part of his life.

After the second step, then it comes to the most important part-find common ground. Finding common ground means you need to get to know your man biker first. Ask yourself if you know what his interests, hobbies , his favorite dish or simply the number of his pets. For example, if he’s the loyalest fan of a horror TV show but a screen full of zombies is never your cup of tea, don’t freak out, because you don’t need to force yourself into something you don’t enjoy. Instead, ask about his favorite book or music might bring you another chance.

No matter you are a motorcycle babe or a biker babe, don’t hesitate if you meet the right guy. Because chances don’t create themselves, you do.