6 guides about how to carry biker girl

Before riding out with a biker girl, a biker man must have held his motorcycle rider's license for at least 12 months. Carrying a passenger requires experienced riding skills and amount of time to learn to control your motorcycle well. If you will ride an unfamiliar bike to carry your Harley girl, it is better to take a ride to learn to handle the bike before taking her on. If you are riding with a passenger who has never rode on a bike, you’d better explain to her where on the bike gets hot in case she will burn herself.

First of all, if you are going to take a passenger, you need to fit foot-pegs to your motorcycle and prepare a helmet for your biker babe. Besides, it is best for you and your passenger to wear full protective clothing to protect both of you from hurting if an accident happens. Full riding gear includes a long-sleeved jacket, leather pants or jeans, boots and gloves.

Riders should downshift before stopping the motorcycles. The pillion seats are usually higher up than the rider’s seat, so when riders come to a stop, the passenger may not be able to reach the ground, which needs passenger to leave both of their feet on the foot-pegs.

When there is a turn, riders should tell their motorcycle girls to lean in the same direction as them. Since the weight of both rider and passenger will influence the bike when it corners, passengers should not stay upright. Or it will make motorcycle more difficult to turn.

Riding position
When riding on the road, the biker passenger should sit behind and get as close to the rider as possible, which helps preserve the balance of the bike. Besides, it is better to enhance the feeling between rider and his biker date when they are close enough on the bike.

Getting on the bike
How to get on the bike seems easy, but both riders and passengers should learn the basics of this process. Motorcycle riders should start the bike and put both of their feet on the ground before letting their motorcycle girls get on. If you think you will get unbalanced, just have the stand down to serve as a backup. But don’t let the stand to bear the whole weight of the bike and you two.

Rider smoothness
Riding with a passenger is different from riding alone. The riders have to consider the passengers all the time. Don’t make the gear change harshly or use a lot of front brake, because it will make the passenger to move forward to cause them to headbutt the back of your helmet which could be annoying.

Find a biker girl first
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