Plan a wonderful Motorcycle Touring with your biker parnter

Have you ever planned a wonderful travel with your biker partner? Or have you wished that someone, who have a special relationship with you, to plan a route for you to travel together with all the detailed information that you need to follow? Or hoped you could know where is the good place to stay and eat on the trip? In recent years, more and more motorcycle riders who plan to go motorcycle traveling with lovers learn the motorcycle traveling skills from online, where not only can ask experienced bikers about some professional motorcycle touring riding questions, but also can meet up with like-minded friends. If you are a single biker planning to go motorcycle camping and looking for love with another motorcycle rider, the online dating website for bikers is the first choice of you, since most of bikers, who is a member of biker dating site and ever experienced an amazing motorcycle touring, will post their motorcycle traveling stories on that site.

In the US, there are a lot of beautiful scenic spots that are worth to visit. The North Carolina is the ultimate tourist attraction for motorcycle travelers, because the best motorcycle roads around the country is located in there, and there are hundreds of miles charming sceneries along the roads. If you ride your motorcycle carrying a passenger on those charming motorcycle roads, which will become happy memories in your life.

To be honest, as long as you go traveling with a motorcycle, whether it is long or short. You should also know how to protect yourself on the road. Here are a few tips for you to stay a safe and wonderful motorcycle touring with a passenger.

  1. Don’t promote your trips widely, just tell your relatives. 
  2. Wear sunscreen while riding under the sunshine.
  3. Be aware when camping in the wild at night.
  4. Bring a small paper map or a GPS. 
  5. Don’t forget pack a first aid box, including cold medications, anti-inflammatory drugs, antidiarrheal and so on.
  6. Wear earplugs to reduce the wind noise.
  7. On a long distance motorcycle touring, prepare to at least one day to rest every week.
  8. Start early and end early so that have a good spirit next day.
  9. Check your motorcycle every day.
  10. Don’t ride at high speed.

If you think these safe riding travel tips are useful, you can follow it when you plan for a motorcycle touring in the future. If you still a single Harley rider, you can establish a connection with a biker single with similar hobbies at first, and then, plan a wonderful motorcycle touring and complete it together.