How to Invite a Biker Girl to Ride Out for a Date

Invite a girl to ride for your first biker date.
If you are a single biker man who admires motorcycle riding lifestyle, then dating biker girls may be your ideal date with whom you can marry. You two can understand each other easily and will lead a happy life with the similar interest and passion for motorcycles. If you find out that you fall in love with a biker girl that you know well enough or if you meet a single biker girl on a party or an event or even online on a biker dating website that you are interested, then the first thing you should consider is how to successfully invite her to ride out for a date. Here you will find several effective ways to help you get her out.

1. Ideal for a date
Given that she is a female motorcycle rider and you two has been friends for a while, she won’t simply say no if you ask her to ride out. But a ride is not enough for a date. You cannot just day "Let's hang out some time," or, "I don't know, what do you want to do?" You are going to come up with more plans to cater to her interest and hobbies. A show, a lunch in a special restaurant, a drink in a motorcycle bar, a walk in a park can be fine. Just try to plan at least one activity that involves communicating and getting to know each other. And make sure you two are going to enjoy. When you both are having fun, you are going to be yourselves.

2. Send her an opening text
Biker girls all like straightforward men that will show their love directly to them. So if you decide to ask her to out for a ride or to do something else for a date, you may greet her first to get things going. Assume that you met her just for once and are unsure whether she saved your number, then you may need to put your name in your text. If you just saw her several days before, then start your conversation with your last interaction like "Hey, how was the rest of your night in the motorcycle event?" Then wait until your dream biker girl send reply to your first text, which means she remembers you and willing to talk with you. After that, you can try to ask her out. Or if you two meet online on a biker dating website, then things will be easy for you. But a face-to-face date needs patience and time.

3. Ask her out on a date
Don't make a single motorcycle woman wait for so long to hear you say that you want to have a date with her. You can start to ask her out for a ride by asking her if she got plans on a given day or weekend. If her answer is positive, then you can text her to ask her out by saying "Would you want to ride out with me and do some extra activity?" Try to make it simple and short. If her reply is yes, then ask her about her favorite riding path and make a concrete place and time for you to meet. And show her your plan for the extra activity and show her you are open to do something else she is interested as well.

Once your date is settled down, be sure to show her that you are looking forward to the date