Why dating a women Harley rider or motorcycle man?

Why dating a biker?

No matter if you are a biker man or a gentle men, as long as you are looking to meet a biker girl. You need to know more detail about why and how to date a biker girl. Read on, please.

1. Dating a biker girl or traveling with a biker woman is so relax.

No one could ever deny a fact that all women always take packages filled with cosmetics. Almost all women Harley riders are very confident about themselves when they are disguised as a rider, so you will feel of light and free while riding or traveling with a biker lady. Women who ride motorcycle know how to take all their daily items in a big trunk.

2. It is cheap to date a biker lady.

When you you invite some girls to watch some motorcycle races, you must take some drinks or snacks. But for female motorcycle riders, a can of beer is good enough. In fact, the biggest and most romantic dream of a biker woman is to ride with you to the field for a picnic lunch.

3. Biker women have the indomitable spirit.

As a biker, you must encountered many setbacks when you ride on some dirt road, especially when you learned to ride a motorcycle. We would go so far to say that every woman who can control her motorcycle will display great tenacity throughout the contest. Meeting and dating with a biker lady, you will find that she is not only a partner for all opportunities that you two will face together, but also a friend for all times and all challenges that lie ahead.

4. Biker girlfriends help you scaring off potential rivals.

When you walk hand in hand with biker girl who is taking a helmet in her another hand, other men will make a detour round her even if they really care about her. Why? It is hard for those no-biker men to manage a true biker girl. An old saying goes like this:“Easier to control a bike than to control a bike girl."

5. Your biker wife will support you and put herself in your position.

If your wife is not a biker, she will not totally understand your riding passion. Of course, she will not agree you to buy some new motorcycle or upgrade your bike. In about 70% households, it is wife who administer the family funds. If the hostess in your house like biker lifestyle, she will support you in a unexpected way.

6. Dating with a biker woman who owns her motorcycle is actually more funny.

As a biker, you may know that all riders like the feel of moving the whole soul on their motorcycle. Just a few men like to take a girl on the back of his motorcycle since riding solely will free you to enjoy the riding with passion. Biker men who would like to take a passenger are martyred. If you meet such a biker guy, you should not hesitate to get him.

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