Best Motorcycle Dating Sites - Top Ten List

1. Biker Planet

Biker Planet was launched as a motorcycle online store in 2001, and then changed to a biker community affiliated with BikerKiss starting from 2003. It was changed to a independent motorcycle dating website at 2005 and started to compete on BikerKiss at that time. The site promote the hot biker dating style such as riding, event,rallies and so on. 

2. HarleyDatingSite

HarleyDatingSite allies with 600+ Harley rider clubs in United State, Canada and United Kingdom. This way brings tens of thousands of certified Harley motorcycle riders to the Harley Dating site, so it's the first safe, serious and reliable dating service for Harley Davidson riders. It is the most trusted Harley Davidson dating site for bikers who are interested in Harley riding.

3.  BikerKiss

BikerKiss has been dedicated to biker dating services online for over 15 years since 2001. We rank it as the NO.1 motorcycle dating site in our list since it is the best dating club for finding and dating a biker single. BikerKiss manually previews all user profiles, photos and messages to clear away fake motorcycle riders and scammers. The site also have some ways to verify users' photo, age, education level and motorcycle driving license so that you will see true biker women and men. All users take advantages of full control of who can see their profile or photos, and several search options make sure that every member can find a local biker girl or motorcycle man.

4. MeetLocalBikers

MeetLocalBikers was established in 2010. Meet Local Bikers is a new biker dating site in the world, so they spend much money on marketing promote. You can see it many search engines when you search for "meet bikers", "meet local bikers", "biker dating site" and so on. It is a place where motorcycle singles can meet local women or men who like to ride motorcycle as well. At MeetLocalBikers, you can place a profile with photos for free, and post messages in the forums.

5. Biker-Match

BikerMatch is built for biker singles and friends in United Kingdom. The site has gathered about 300,000 UK biker girls or buys online, so you can find what you are looking for as long as you are a UK biker single. Of course, it is not the best biker dating site for riders outside of UK. We only recommend this site to UK motorcycle riders because there are less than 9 hundreds of US bikers over the site.

6. Bikerpassions

BikerPassions claims that it is a 100% free biker dating website. If you believe what it says on its homepage, you may be beaten and return to other sites. Biker Passions is one of tens of motorcycle dating websites on the market. As its name suggests, you can meet some people who are real sexy or hot but most of them are not true motorcycle riders. So it is the right place, if you want to invite some passionate biker girl to ride out for a casual relationship.
When you visit, you will be redirected to which was launched in 2002 and has been online for motorcycle dating service for 14 years. Although it is a veteran biker dating site, only thousands of motorcycle riders joined it since the site did never advertise its service on search engines. So you should not expect too much when you decide to join it. 

8. FindBikers

FindBikers is really a new motorcycle dating site powered by the first and largest biker social network site BikerOrnot. It is 100% to join the site and use all features such as inviting to ride, finding a motorcycle passenger and so on, but you is immune from frustration since the site is too new (built in 2014) to have huge of biker profiles database.

9. BikerDateLink

Another small biker dating website which focus on connect sexy biker girls with other single women who are or not biker man. Biker Date Link helps biker singles to hook up for ride all the night. In other words, you may encounter some local girls who are sexy for casual friendship.

10. BikerHookups

You can see it is another dating site for biker men to hook up with local sexy women who are looking for casual dating, too. On the homepage of Biker Hookups you can see a big photo of a hot biker model with full of provocative glance and sexy fragrance. You can meet passionate girls here for love no matter if you are a married or divorced biker man.

How to tell if a biker girl or biker guy likes you

For a tremendous amount of biker man and biker women, the initial stage of falling in love with the right motorcycle man or motorcycle women is fun, but it is also when the problems arise the most. According to the 5 top online biker dating sites catering exclusively to Harley man and Harley women who are looking for the compatible half, 86.3% of them find it extremely hard to tell if the biker girl of biker guy they have a crush on like them or not. Thus the free biker dating websites have compiled a series of Harley dating tips which will help you to tell if you and your biker babe click or not.

Body language tells
If the motorcycle guy or motorcycle girls like you, his or her body language will be different. For example, it is common sense that if someone wants to continue the conversation, he/she will face your direction. Maybe it is not hard to fake the facial expression and a simple smile which is meant to show the politeness can be mistaken for attraction, but few biker chick or biker dude will fake their body language. A closed body language such as crossed arms in front of their chest is an obvious sign that you will have more to work on to make the Harley girl or Harley guy like you. However, if the motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude place themself in a comfortable and relaxed position, it means they are having a good time with you, which brings up the chance that they like you.

Eyes never lie
No matter you are dealing with a she single Harley rider or a rather outgoing one, a sign that proves that he or she likes you is that the male Harley rider or female Harley rider tend to make more eye contacts with you. Maybe your biker date will pull away her gaze quickly once your eyes meet, you still have a reason to take things to another level with your biker lady or biker dude since the motorcycle partner in front of you is simply too nervous and is not ready to reveal his or her true feelings.

Pay attention to simple details
There is a slew of tips of how to interprets your single Harley rider’s feelings. But examining the details has always being the most convincing one. 0for instance, you are having a rather deep conversation with the motorcycle babe of yours and you find you are constantly started for a long period of time. And you can’t tell if it is a common conversational practice of his/hers or a signs that he/she is into you. Thus you need to pay attention to the way your motorcycle ladies or motorcycle gentleman talk to others to draw a final conclusion.

The secret for biker singles when using pick-up lines

After creating an account on a Harley  dating site, every Harley motorcycle enthusiast is eagerly waiting to match with other like minded single Harley riders with purpose to find the compatible partner who is also passionate about Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle. However, staring at the message bar and have no idea what pick-up lines to put inside in order to impress your Harley motorcycle women or Harley motorcycle men is a not so surprising situation for most Harley motorcycle singles nowadays due to the lack of biker online dating experience. And even when Harley singles finally decide to turn to internet, only a slew of outdated and cheesy opening lines will appear after typing “pick-up lines for Harley male or Harley female". Harley dating website, not only is famous for being a successful platform for thousands of hundreds of Harley Davidson bike riders to find love, but also a popular social net work for a tremendous amount of Harley motorcycle lovers to share and learn, is now providing 3 powerful biker dating tips to help Harley singles to make the most out of the powerful pick-up lines.

1.Realize the importance of pick-up lines when it comes to online dating.
Aside from the stereotype of pick-up lines when it only calls to mind a cocky douche bag saying, with a grin, of course “Have you got lost sweetheart, because you are wandering in my heart”, creative and punchy pick-up lines can actually play a significant rule in successfully ask out a female Harley rider or a male Harley rider. Thus first it is of great importance to know that a quality pick-up line can not only allow you to leave a good impression, but also sparks an interesting conversation which will serve as the base of your future biker relationship!

2.Use the information that you know!
Now, there is nothing more that you can get from the lengthy profile page but this sweet-looking blond is a huge foodie. Then it is time to use the information that you know and start from it. Do not limit yourself from a plain and dull “Hey, cutie, I’m a big fan of cook too”, but make your way to the land of your Harley motorcycle enthusiast by asking him/her questions about the recently come-up recipe, complementing him/her on being a rare creature during a time when everyone fancies going to restaurant or simply manifesting your interest because she’s is a foodie!

3.Make sure your pick-up line projects good energy.
So you’ve already shown a big interest in your Harley motorcycle rider and is still caught up by the opening-line trap. Just keep in mind that the attitude of the first message that you are going to convey is crucial. A passive tone will get you nowhere but leads to a dead-end conversation however if you show your respect and positivity, now you are making your way to a successful Harley motorcycle relationship.

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There are two important thing users want to do on Plenty of Bikers dating site. One is seeking and communicating with other bikers, the other is to enjoy and share biker life or experience with fellow biker lovers.

For some members who joined earlier, this website has already become a part of their daily life. At night of everyday, they check newly registered members, read inbox emails from other users and reply them sincerely and passionately, browse who is interested in me, see who winked/commented/asked photos from me and other lists collected by the system automatically. Then they initiate a chat with interested one if they are online. If they got offline, don't worry, add them to the favorite list. Email/wink/comment are available to get in touch with them. After that, they upload some new photos taken in the day time. By the way, update the profile by adding some new words to make it fresh and impressive. This can make the profile be listed at top of search results to catch more eyes. Now they can read new topics and messages in blog and forum. Some interesting topics or sharp comments could arouse them to start new topics or post their own ideas. Okay, now it's the right time to have a sweet sleep.

In the next morning when they wake up, they could login PlentyofBikers in a hurry to check and reply to emails and contacts from other biker babes. See what a lovely and happy day begins.

Plenty of Bikers offers some unique features for bikers that other site don't have.
"Certified Harley biker": Be more trustful by sending their bike driving license.
Harley photos and biker tattoo photos: User can upload these photos as most as possible.
Search by their bike types

PlentyofBikers takes the safety of users' personal data and billing information as the essential and most important thing. The strict censor system and one by one human-checking process with complete rules can ensure the safety of members. There are some dating tips about safety for users' reference. At any time, users can report suspicious ones to customer support team. They will quickly investigate and deal with them. Hide or remove function is available to get rid of someone.

Sign up for free
It's free and easy to sign up. You may input the email address, first name, username, gender, location, height and age. Now you have successfully get an account on the site. You may come back with the account next time. Then you may create your profile by following next steps. It's easy and interesting to choose answers in the dropping menus to complete your lifetime ad on the site. Of course you may update them frequently to your profile more and more attractive. Finally, you need to upload some newly photos.

As the first, best and professional biker dating sites, Plenty of Bikers offers some free services. If you want to get full access to all features, you may choose one payment package to upgrade membership from the following list:

1 month: $29.95 (equivalent to $1 per day)
3 months: $59.95 (equivalent to $20 per month)
6 months: $95.95  (equivalent to $16 per month)

Search and browse:
Quick search can help visitors and members to search by age, gender, Country/Area and State/Province. As a new hand, users need to find how many users are in their local area. It's free for all users. To search with detailed information, users can try with advanced search tool. There users can choose the criteria of match one by one. The first search criteria will be saved as default setting till they changed them. So next time they can just directly click the function without choose criteria again. In addition, username search tools can help them find some certain users easily. Additionally there are a lot of lists filtered by the system. In these lists, users can easily found users that are interested in them.

To Sum It Up
In the biker dating sites, PlentyofBikers is absolutely the first, best, safe and friendly community for single bikers. There users can seeking for long-lasting relationship and also can enjoy their motorcycle life. It's simple and neat in look but powerful and efficient in application.

6 guides about how to carry biker girl

Before riding out with a biker girl, a biker man must have held his motorcycle rider's license for at least 12 months. Carrying a passenger requires experienced riding skills and amount of time to learn to control your motorcycle well. If you will ride an unfamiliar bike to carry your Harley girl, it is better to take a ride to learn to handle the bike before taking her on. If you are riding with a passenger who has never rode on a bike, you’d better explain to her where on the bike gets hot in case she will burn herself.

First of all, if you are going to take a passenger, you need to fit foot-pegs to your motorcycle and prepare a helmet for your biker babe. Besides, it is best for you and your passenger to wear full protective clothing to protect both of you from hurting if an accident happens. Full riding gear includes a long-sleeved jacket, leather pants or jeans, boots and gloves.

Riders should downshift before stopping the motorcycles. The pillion seats are usually higher up than the rider’s seat, so when riders come to a stop, the passenger may not be able to reach the ground, which needs passenger to leave both of their feet on the foot-pegs.

When there is a turn, riders should tell their motorcycle girls to lean in the same direction as them. Since the weight of both rider and passenger will influence the bike when it corners, passengers should not stay upright. Or it will make motorcycle more difficult to turn.

Riding position
When riding on the road, the biker passenger should sit behind and get as close to the rider as possible, which helps preserve the balance of the bike. Besides, it is better to enhance the feeling between rider and his biker date when they are close enough on the bike.

Getting on the bike
How to get on the bike seems easy, but both riders and passengers should learn the basics of this process. Motorcycle riders should start the bike and put both of their feet on the ground before letting their motorcycle girls get on. If you think you will get unbalanced, just have the stand down to serve as a backup. But don’t let the stand to bear the whole weight of the bike and you two.

Rider smoothness
Riding with a passenger is different from riding alone. The riders have to consider the passengers all the time. Don’t make the gear change harshly or use a lot of front brake, because it will make the passenger to move forward to cause them to headbutt the back of your helmet which could be annoying.

Find a biker girl first
You have know some complete tips about how to take a biker lady on your motorcycle. All is ready except a biker girl friend? Yes, you must meet a biker babe first. You can try to join some biker dating sites reviewed by dating experts and ranked by other motorcycle riders. is one top review site for helping bikers pick out the top 5 motorcycle dating sites. You can check first.