Best Motorcycle Dating Sites - Top Ten List

1. Biker Planet

Biker Planet was launched as a motorcycle online store in 2001, and then changed to a biker community affiliated with BikerKiss starting from 2003. It was changed to a independent motorcycle dating website at 2005 and started to compete on BikerKiss at that time. The site promote the hot biker dating style such as riding, event,rallies and so on. 

2. HarleyDatingSite

HarleyDatingSite allies with 600+ Harley rider clubs in United State, Canada and United Kingdom. This way brings tens of thousands of certified Harley motorcycle riders to the Harley Dating site, so it's the first safe, serious and reliable dating service for Harley Davidson riders. It is the most trusted Harley Davidson dating site for bikers who are interested in Harley riding.

3.  BikerKiss

BikerKiss has been dedicated to biker dating services online for over 15 years since 2001. We rank it as the NO.1 motorcycle dating site in our list since it is the best dating club for finding and dating a biker single. BikerKiss manually previews all user profiles, photos and messages to clear away fake motorcycle riders and scammers. The site also have some ways to verify users' photo, age, education level and motorcycle driving license so that you will see true biker women and men. All users take advantages of full control of who can see their profile or photos, and several search options make sure that every member can find a local biker girl or motorcycle man.

4. MeetLocalBikers

MeetLocalBikers was established in 2010. Meet Local Bikers is a new biker dating site in the world, so they spend much money on marketing promote. You can see it many search engines when you search for "meet bikers", "meet local bikers", "biker dating site" and so on. It is a place where motorcycle singles can meet local women or men who like to ride motorcycle as well. At MeetLocalBikers, you can place a profile with photos for free, and post messages in the forums.

5. Biker-Match

BikerMatch is built for biker singles and friends in United Kingdom. The site has gathered about 300,000 UK biker girls or buys online, so you can find what you are looking for as long as you are a UK biker single. Of course, it is not the best biker dating site for riders outside of UK. We only recommend this site to UK motorcycle riders because there are less than 9 hundreds of US bikers over the site.

6. Bikerpassions

BikerPassions claims that it is a 100% free biker dating website. If you believe what it says on its homepage, you may be beaten and return to other sites. Biker Passions is one of tens of motorcycle dating websites on the market. As its name suggests, you can meet some people who are real sexy or hot but most of them are not true motorcycle riders. So it is the right place, if you want to invite some passionate biker girl to ride out for a casual relationship.
When you visit, you will be redirected to which was launched in 2002 and has been online for motorcycle dating service for 14 years. Although it is a veteran biker dating site, only thousands of motorcycle riders joined it since the site did never advertise its service on search engines. So you should not expect too much when you decide to join it. 

8. FindBikers

FindBikers is really a new motorcycle dating site powered by the first and largest biker social network site BikerOrnot. It is 100% to join the site and use all features such as inviting to ride, finding a motorcycle passenger and so on, but you is immune from frustration since the site is too new (built in 2014) to have huge of biker profiles database.

9. BikerDateLink

Another small biker dating website which focus on connect sexy biker girls with other single women who are or not biker man. Biker Date Link helps biker singles to hook up for ride all the night. In other words, you may encounter some local girls who are sexy for casual friendship.

10. BikerHookups

You can see it is another dating site for biker men to hook up with local sexy women who are looking for casual dating, too. On the homepage of Biker Hookups you can see a big photo of a hot biker model with full of provocative glance and sexy fragrance. You can meet passionate girls here for love no matter if you are a married or divorced biker man.

The Best Online Biker Dating Sites in 2021

Finding a compatible single Harley rider is hard enough even under normal conditions for male Harley riders and female Harley riders, and adding a global pandemic into the mix, and it gets a lot more trickier. But while the pandemic has slowed down the pace for biker girls and biker guys, you don't need to put your relationship wth your like-minded Harley motorcycle rider on hold. Whether you're searching for a a like-minded biker girls or biker guy to share the similar Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle with or simply enjoy the fun that Harley Davidson bike is there to offer, an online biker dating site or online biker dating sites could always be the answer for the motorcycle women and motorcycle men looking to conduct an active social life. 

And here's an overview of the best online biker kiss dating websites on the market. the 5 largest online biker dating apps have compiled the top platforms catering to meet the social needs of a huge number of motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys.

There are a handful of top picks for online biker dating sites and apps here. Without any further due, let’s start chatting and maximize your chances of meeting your perfect match to ride Harley Davidson bike with. is basically Tinder for 2 million biker women who are ready to mingle. According to the founder of, this free motorcycle dating website is a free dating app that requires motorcycle women and biker women to message first. The biker dating app gives registered Harley women a right that If the Harley guy doesn't message back within a day, then the man biker loses his chance to talk to this potential biker girlfriend. With the newly launched timing limit feature on, an increasing number of Harley chicks and Harley guys think it has greatly improved the online biker dating experience. is highly regarded the mainstream online biker dating platform for a huge number of biker chicks and biker guys aged from 21-30 years old. The motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys can not only find other compatible single Harley riders by setting dating preferences like: distance, height, habit and so on, they can also post hang out request on the online biker dating platform, or invite the like-minded Harley motorcycle riders nearby to meet over a ride in the countryside., known for its huge registered member base including more than 20,000 motorcycle chicks and motorcycle dudes looking for not only long-term and stable relationship with a like-minded Harley motorcycle rider, but also casual fun with man bikers and women bikers who want no strings attached. And it’s also a platform for Harley motorcycle riders to exchange opinions, stories as well as experience with other similar biker chicks and biker guys.

There are also a wide range of different online biker dating platforms that cater to different needs of Harley motorcycle riders. Stay tuned next week to know more about the world of online biker dating. 

How to Keep a Conversation Going on Biker Dating Site

Today, I’m delighted tell all the male Harley riders and female Harley riders who are seeing the compatible Harley motorcycle rider on the online Harley dating sites that our online motorcycle dating has successfully invited the most famous online biker dating expert called David White, who has been working for the free motorcycle dating websites for more than 10 years, to give the biker girls and biker guys some constructive advices on how to keep a conversation going on online motorcycle dating websites. Because according to the recently conducted survey conducted among a tremendous amount of biker men and biker women, one of the biggest concern for the newbie motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys on online biker dating websites is to keep a conversation on the motorcycle dating platform constantly active after having passed the initial awkward stage called “first contact” online biker planet dating. You sent the first message to the single Harley rider that you are interested in, and the biker chick or biker dude replied. Then congratulations, both you and your potential biker girlfriend or biker boyfriend is onboard and ready to mingle! But, what now?

It can be hard to keep a conversation going with someone you don’t know YET, and who isn’t sitting across the table from you. You want to come off as fun, interesting and flirty, while also being considered serious, smart and trustworthy, right?

And here are the online biker dating tips for biker chicks and biker dudes. 

Ask more questions

Pretty much every single Harley rider loves to ask questions so that they could give their Harley motorcycle rider an opportunity to start chatting away! Thus, it is strongly recommended for Harley girls and Harley guys to ask light and simple questions is the most effective way to keep a conversation going on free biker dating websites. The more the motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude answers, the more fuel and materials you’ve got for the future potential with your man biker or women biker. And if you are a smart chatter, it’s also easy for you to earn some major points by flattering the ego of your Harley women or Harley men.

The benefices that the simple questions bring could be much more than a fluent conversation with your Harley chicks or Harley dudes. Because it’s also a good indicator for knowing if you have found yourself a truly compatible biker match or not by getting to know more about their values, lifestyles and personalities. 

While asking some questions, keep it fun at the same time. Keep in mind that it’s not a job interview, thus make your questions a little more quirky and interesting for your motorcycle ladies and motorcycle gentlemen to stand out from the rest of the Harley women and Harley men.

If you want to know more online motorcycle dating tips to keep the online conversation fun while building the connection at the same time with your biker match who also enjoys Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle, stay tuned on the next Friday!

Signs that You Are in a Healthy Relationship with Your Harley Partner

In searching for a long-lasting and healthy relationship with a like-minded Harley motorcycle rider on biker dating sites is bond to be filled with obstacles in the love-searching road. However, male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders always find a way to pursue the success when looking for the perfect partner who also enjoys the Harley motorcycle riding lifestyle and riding on giant Harley Davidson bikes. And today, we are going to talk about the signs that typically reveals from a healthy and promising relationship between biker girls and biker guys in hope to help the biker women and biker men who want to improve their Harley dating with the biker girlfriend or boyfriend. 

The very first sign in a healthy biker relationship is total trust. You will definitely when the trust is solid and unconditional. When you never question where you biker babe or motorcycle babe is when he or she said they’re going for a walk alone; when you feel absolutely no need to confide to another best friend when your motorcycle girls or motorcycle guy tell you something in secret; when you have no doubts that you will spend the rest of your life with the motorcycle man or motorcycle women, you will know there is a solid amount of trust between you and the single Harley rider. 

The second sign revealed from a healthy motorcycle relationship is that both of you and your man biker or women biker take accountabilities. If only you know one of the number one red flags between a biker chick or biker dude, it is when  your motorcycle partner who never feel the need to admits when they're wrong and feel reluctant to take responsibilities for their actions. If you are in a relationship with your motorcycle chick or motorcycle dude who always apologize after they do something wrong, then you know you are in a healthy situation created with your motorcycle babe. If you or your motorcycle partner is upset with the other Harley motorcycle rider, take it out without getting defensive, which will help your relationship to move forward in a positive situation. Acknowledging what your part was without considering how upsetting this answer would be and discussing what you could do differently in the future in order to make the relationship better is the motto for a lot of free biker dating websites. If both you and your Harley chicks or Harley guys are able to do these things without any hesitation, you can confidently take the next step and celebrate for a healthy and long-lasting relationship with the love of your life. 

Being satisfied with the intimacy you have with your Harley chicks or Harley dude is the last but the most important sign on a healthy relationship. When you physically touch your Harley babe, whether it's a kiss for good morning or hug for goodbye, snuggling on the bed or holding hands while eating ice cream, they all reflects a healthy relationship. 

Online Biker Dating Tips Help You to Nail Your Profile

If online biker dating can be considered as ono of the Olympic sport, there would be hundreds of thousands of male Harley riders as well as female Harley riders who are competing for a same game and Peter White would definitely be one of the best players existing. Why? You as a biker guy or biker girls might ask. Because he has gad over 40 dates with different biker women and biker man. “I treated it like a program that I put lots of efforts and time in and I learned a lot of different things from every motorcycle girls and motorcycle guy that I have dated. And there is one thing really surprises me, which is how different the profile page can be for each single Harley rider and how they portrait them in different ways.” And as one of the most popular online biker dating sites, we are lucky enough to have invited Mr. White to talk about the expert online motorcycle dating tips that can help motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys to nail their profile page.  

I think most of the motorcycle girls and motorcycle guys have heard about the same thing: “There is nothing more awkward and challenging but at the same time intriguing to have a look in the mirror and put what you see as a person into the words on free Harley dating websites.” Some motorcycle women and motorcycle man find it similar when compared to a personal CV or resume, which of course is the most excruciating part in the whole job-searching process.

During the profile making part, a huge number of Harley girls and Harley guys start to question themselves about basically everything, which can be ranged from pressure to present a both honest and most appealing version of herself, to the problematic mental state caused by self-comparison.

If the biker chicks or biker dudes feel unsure about putting the 100% true situation online, or the upload the profile pictures without any photoshop on the online biker dating sites, maybe it’s time to set a goal before signing in for the online motorcycle dating platform. For example, once Peter felt unconfident about input the real number of his weight online, then he decided to lose at least 10 pounds before signing up as one of the registered biker members. “Confidence is always the key because I need to feel good about myself before being able to have fun to the fullest on online biker dating website”

Keep in mind the three key words which are: Honest, content-rich and brief. Don’t be afraid to speak honestly about yourself because it is pointless to find a motorcycle chicks or motorcycle dudes who don’t appreciate you for your true self. However, there always comes the time when you feel the need to stand out from other man biker as well as women biker, the pressure will be released easily if you feel good about yourself.